In 2008, "the zirconium silicate ceramic sandblasting beads"dependently created  by us won the national patent,.The product adopted a special material processing technology, with smoothing surface, high hardness, toughness, recyclable and no contamination,.compared to other grinding media, it's get improved a lot of the usage,and it perfectly consist in the metal pills (density 7.8 / cm3) and glass beads (2.5 / cm3) between the blank. It has been widely used in military manufacturing, medical equipments, electronic products, sporting goods, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and many other industries, development prospects due to its specific performance.

In 2010, "the zirconium silicate ceramic sandblasting beads" we developed by our own was awarded the invention patent by State Intellectual Property Office.

With the rapid development of Foxconn in Chengdu Science and Technology Park, the demand for our products has been continuously increasing. The company has set up a professional R & D team to start the second project to support the "No.1 Project" in Sichuan,and then became the only supplier of Foxconn to product iphone5 / 5s. domesticly in 2011.

In 2012,we won the title of"construction of innovative enterprises in Sichuan Province" awarded by Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department.

In 2015, we were recognized as one of the the national high-tech enterprises."The injection molding zirconia and its preparation method" independently created by us was authorized  patent by the State Intellectual Property Office.And we also attended the third International Science and Technology Expo in China scientific city. 

In 2016, the company's research and develop center was named "provincial-level R & D center in Sichuan Province",in the same year we participated in the fourth  International Technology Expo in China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City.